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Journal Entry: Wed Nov 9, 2016, 4:10 AM

I wanted to make this journal for a while now, so here it is.

I don't really know how to start other then
Everthing for Vicboys is already decided / written / designed etc
We only just have to make it

with that said : We dont take suggestions.
People suggest things sometimes, and its totaly fine. But we won't do anything with it. And more importantly ;
when the game is out, and theres something in there that you suggested. I can assure you , you just guessed something right
This may sound harsh , but this is all, so people cant claim insperation or ideas after the game is finished.

Another thing I want to make clear ; We know what we are doing
This is a serious set up / attempt at making a business. This is not just we, two friends who thought "lol lets make a datingsim"
we both are studying to make games, we already made several games. the only thing we are new at is publishing (and for Esmeé, its programming)
I dont want to sound like I'm bragging, because I'm not, It's more that i want to make clear that this is a serious project, with hopefully a future.
Before anything goes live, we shown several advicers (aka our friends) for advice, and we are also very critical towards eachother, to make sure everything goes alright.
We want everything to be perfect, so for that I (for example) already made tons of sprites that will not be used in the game, simply because they're not good enough.
Every design aspect is thought out well , a lot of stuff (in design, writing, even marketing) is done for a reason.

And we really appriciate all critism, its nice of people to take their time and form an opinion on our project. But another thing is ; The game isnt out yet.
You cant really give critism if you don't know the whole project. I don't want to stop anyone from giving suggestions or critism. But I just wanted to make this journal to make clear I cant do anything with it atm, I can't explain on every single suggestion/critism, why we did something like this or like that, mostly because it can contain spoilers.
again , you are free to give suggestions/critism , but I just want to say that I wont be answering them anymore. because of the reasons stated above

Really, when someone comments something, we send it to each other, and we are so happy that some people liking our project so far. We known some of the frequent commenters by name and we would just talk about how cool we think they are haha.

Letters are letters, and its hard to see the right emotion sometimes thru text. So Im gonna make something clear one last time : This journal is simply to let people know that suggestions cant be taken, and that I cant answer on them and/or critism. We're not mad when people give them (why would we?), we dont find it annoying (again , its so nice of you to take your time to form an opinion on something we care a lot about) and we really want to say thanks but we just cant answer anymore to them specific (Other then "play the game to understand" but that will get boring to say after a while haha!)

Thanks for reading !
Hope I wasnt boring haha.
New art of the new guy will come soon. Next to a personality description for the two first guys (personality descriptions will come one every two guys)

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SongMina Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2016  Student General Artist
That makes a load of sense.
Don't worry about sounding harsh, you really didn't. You made good points and explained it clearly so..
Keep up the good work you two!
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November 9, 2016


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