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I never really like tags, mostly because I get tagged a lot for the same thing (write 10 facts about yourself blabla)
but I got tagged by CtheChangeling for a fav character thing, never seen it before so why not :U

Name 10 different favourite characters from 10 different fandoms and tag 3-4 people;


1 > Donnatello (Teenage mutant ninja turtles classic / 2003)
TMNT is one, if not my favorite, cartoon. But I only like the classics and my favorite is 2003 version. I tried to watch the 2012 version, but I just couldn't. They changed Donnatello too much xD Changed everything too much. But I really like Donnatello in all the other versions ! And purple is also a big yes

2 > Beast (Beauty and the Beast)
I really liked the Disney classic movie, Beast was always a fun yet really cool character, being a beast and all. And when he turns human its also a big YAS (long blonde hair ;; call me). I dont know what to think about the human version Disney is doing now, it was already hard for me to accept that Belle is British now, all of the sudden. And now I also have to deal with the fact the Prince has these hair rolls around his head, and the long blonde locks are tied up. NAH

3 > Davos (Game of Thrones)
I think I like Davos the most, in GoT? But I must say that I will always love Gendry, Poddrick, Brienne and Grey Worm as well. I always tend to go for the old guy characters. Theyre just really cool. And so is Davos. And he kinda looks like an older version of my dad.

4 > Pit (kid Icarus)
I just really like him. He's my main in super smash bros brawl and wii U. I discovered him there, I didn't know who he was, because the original game was not around in my youth, but I saw a dude with wings so I though "cool". Later on I got the new game "Kid Icarus Uprising" but I'm very bad at it, so I am not making a lot of progress haha.

5 > Princess Rosalina (Mario Galaxy)
I really like mario characters in general. Theyre just so simple and colorfull and just yas. But I choose Rosalina because I like her whole story as well. Its pretty deep for how far Mario characters go. I honestly really like her as a child, I would love to see more of that.

6 > Peridot (Steven Universe)
I am not in the fandom. Im not in any fandom to be honest. The reason I don't make fanart of Steven Universe is litterly because of the fandom, and im serious. I drew Rose (I love her hair) with my drawing skills from a year or so back, back when I drew heads too big. So I got several comments on how I was an awful person because I drew her too thin. I have a thick skin, hard to offend me, but it just got annoying, so I deleted it. I do still watch it, its a fun show. I don't think its as great people say it is, some episodes are kinda boring and you can't deny Steven is somewhat of a Mary Sue. But the style is amazing and I love the colors and designs ! And Peridot is just really funny haha

7 > Sakuya (Hatofull boyfriend)
Best visual novel out there, in my opinion. And this stuck up bitch boy is amazing. I really like bitch boys in general so yas. His human design is cool, his pigeon form is GORGUES (look at dem feathers).

8 > Vinnie (Littlest pet Shop Hub version)
The show was great, it was brightly colored, smooth animation , and it was so aware of itself. I really thought it was funny, I can't help it haha. I liked all characters, but I guess Vinnie is my fav, its a dancing Gecko, what more can I say.

9 > Crow (Show by rock !!)
Im not really into anime, but I actually really liked this one. And Crow was hillarious. He only drinks milk, so I feel a great connection. And his design is bad ass. Maybe I will do some fanart someday :0 More fanart of any of the listed above for sure (except real live dudes and animals haha)

10 > Billy (Vicboys)



Things like this make me realisize how I dont watch a lot of shows/movies haha. It took me sometime to get 10 characters

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IzhiGale Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sakuya best birb
Espresso-Delivery Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
👀 ...Billy, huh?
CtheChangeling Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for answering to this :3 
I didn't expect this to happen to be honest, I mostly htought it was just oging to be a bother, but thank you regardless. 
Looji Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017
It looked like fine so why not , thanks for tagging me !
xSidera Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
who is...billy?
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