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but I also wanted to add a new option , but I dont have time right now to add it to the list
(I want to update the list soon with more recent art as well !)


That AU again by Looji

15 USD / 1500 points per character

just comment below if you want one ("can I have one?")
THEN ,once I accept ("yeah sure")
please send me a note with the following (NOT right away in these comments) ;

- link to the character you'd like to be drawn
- their name / gender / personality (it doesn't have to thousand of words, but just so I wont draw a grumpy character with a smile, you know)
- any additional information (like you want them to be holding a flower etc.)

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a nice day !!
Casting call is another way to sumbit auditions for vicboys !

Here is the link plus more info for some roles…

We already talked about this subject before. Even though it would be amazing to feature voice acting in our game, we couldn’t overlook how difficult it would be for us to achieve this within our small budget. But recently we received several messages of voice actors who offered their services to us for free. It made us reconsider adding voices to our game.

But before we make any official decision we’d like to know if there are any voice actors who might be interested in expanding their portfolio with a game like this. 


  • Vicboys is set in the Victorian Age. So we’ll be looking for British voice actors or people who can pull off a British accent (excluding one character)
  • We have a wide set of characters, from young children to old people. 
  • We need to find over 25 voices.  (Even for some animals)
  • We can only offer you full credit and experience. (Any other payment methods like an exchange of services can be discussed.)

If you meet these requirements or know someone who does, please contact us. You can send us a private message or an e-mail at

we would love to see some of people their work
Offering your service is really nice, and we really appriciate it. But we can't count it as an actual offer without anything to show. (Only saying you are up for it isn't enough to make it count as an offer. And only if we have a good amount of offers we would consider adding voices in Vicboys)

its time for these again !

DTA 59  (21 entries) / 60 (18 entries)
both won by PitterPaint
with the following entries
DTA entry: Juniper + Kade by PitterPaint DTA entry: Juniper by PitterPaint DTA entry: Kade by PitterPaint


DTA 61 (14 entries)
won by LilCinnamonRollMama
with the following entry
DTA Contest Entry (1) by LilCinnamonRollMama


DTA 62 (18 entries)
won by denisa34
with the following entry
DTA Entry..(#1?) by denisa34

won a character ?
congrats ! Please tag me the first time drawing them ,, i would love to see that :D

didnt win ?
Sorry ! But im planning to do more of these in the future ! So if you have any suggestions for future batches, that would be lovely ~

This is like a previous journal about references and inside jokes (…)

Geleas named is based off Pangea, but only the name. It was kinda obvious but the islands names are based of numbers. But theyre more based off the dutch numbers.
Enetan > Een - Twedon > Twee - Dreehn > Drie - Viferon > vier - Vifen > Vijf - Selia > zes. (Vier and Vijf arent really good)

In the very first character description of Cabin, from several years ago, it said his real name was Fabian. Later changed to Dandelyon (his story changed to him being a royal, I wanted a foreign strange name), but I still really liked the name and gave it to Chive. During this time I started development on Vicboys, a datingsim, where one of the suitors was named Fabian. It suited him a lot and made me realize it didnt fit Chive. So his name was changed to Florian.

Gerret and Gar
Both Gerret and his father have very common dutch names, but with one letter changed, the names are based off these original games. Gerret > Gerrit and Gar > Ger. However, in dutch the letter G is pronounced very differently, so the names sound nothing alike.

Long haired elf girls
Gerret isnt the only one with a love for long haired elf girls. Dane has the exact same preference. (Discussed here ). However, for Gerret its a simple preference, optional. For Dane (plus a whole list) its an absolute must. 

Captains fashion choice
Captain was for several years the only character with heels and earrings. Prince Dan design later had earrings and Miri had heals for a while. Captain is still the only one rocking both.

Danes eyes
Dane is the only character with brown eyes. (Savannah as well, but she isnt a main character)

Hair colors
Excluding his family (since theyre not main characters) , Gerret is the only one with purple hair. Dane is the only one, excluding again Gerrets family, with pink hair (Gerrets mother has pink hair)

Kennys bad habit
Kenny is the only character that smokes, and did so since the beginning, he even does so in his character headshot.

Nolas eye color
Her eye color is unknown, she never opened her eyes in a drawing.

Talking about Gerrets mom
Gerret is the only character whose both parents have a design

Im probably do more in the future :0
People said it would be cute if Gerret was a single dad, or that Bree is adopted etc etc
thank you for thinking a long, really, but I made a small statement that both aren't going to happen, because he just really wants a family later on and i just want to give that to him (kinda part of his story, hes first not satisfied with it, but later on he gets everything he always dreamed of, you know) ,, but there are more reasons I want to point out, as to why I decided this. Not to prove anything, because its going to my decision anyway, but to give more insight and make more people understand maybe. I'm putting them in catogories, and put underneath why this wont be a thing.


People haven't been saying this a lot, but there are some things to say about this. First of all ; Bree is designed to be Gerrets daughter, they have similar features and similar colors. I didn't want her to be a small copy of him, so I did change somethings, like different shape eyes, light blue hair instead of purple (though the blue is based of Gerrets clothes, he mostly wears blue). But they are related, at least thats what I tried with the designs.
Next to that, in Gelea you can't adopt when you're not married. I stated this sometime ago, but I dont expect people to remember or know this (so not knowing this is completly understandable). But in order to adopt, you need 2 parents. They need to be married to show that theyre in fact connected to each other. What creature they are or whether theyre a male or female doesn't matter. As long as there are two parents who are connected by marriege, you can adopt.


A first thing to understand is, that just because its "cute" doesn't mean it fits with the character. And I can say being a single dad doesn't fit him at all. Maybe you can say "I think it fits him just fine!", but I think my word, as the creator, is greater then from someone who's watching from the sideline.  And there are several reasons why this doesn't fit with Gerret.
In order to be a single dad, the wife either had to leave him, or he left her, or she past away.


Gerret is not good with relationships, he never had one before and has trust issues. His personality calls for a trustworthing lover. They would first bond and really know theyre the right one for eachother before getting a child. Bree is still young, so that means that after they made the big decision of getting a child (knowing Bree wasn't a surprise), the wife would leave pretty soon. I don't see him get together with someone who would do that.


Like I mentioned before, there is nothing Gerret wants more then a family. Him leaving his wife would be out of character, he would do his best to keep the family together.


I just think this is too sad. And seeing his depressive past, I don't know if he could handle that in the first place.


Don't take it too serious. It's just me having fun. Maybe someday I will design a wife, or maybe a friend has a good character to fit the role, I don't know. But for now, its just for fun. Besides, Gerret would never just have one child, so its not like the wife is the only one with no face, that dude would at least have 2 more children. At least.


Its fun to read, and I cant express how much I love it when people are that interested in designs I made when theyre going to make up stuff for them. But when I already stated what the case was, and people keep going on about it, then you can understand its getting a little not fun for me. You can keep on speculating who the wife is or how she (or other children for that matter) look like, if I can have fun with this au, why not others. But lets keep it fun shall we ?

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a nice day !

I like to put references / inside jokes / fun facts in my drawings and/or descriptions
and they dont always get noticed, so I thought I make a list, just to give myself some credit haha
I may forgot some, the most recent ones I remember better, and since ive been drawing a lot of Gerret lately, he is in this list a lot.

Marabels gifts
Marabel got her first gift from Chive here. This kitten plush apeared in several artwork of Marabel (like here)
After the break up, Chive got back to her, giving her a book here
later on she is seen reading the book here , next to her the kitten plush with rough stitch work around the neck, suggesting she tear it off after the break up
In a scene that took place before Chive gave Marabel the book, he is seen reading it himself here

Chives boxes
This drawing
, where Chive is holding a box, is a reference to the origin story of his nickname (Chive), where he would work on the market and carry boxes around.

Captains mom
Captains mother isn't drawn a lot, to be specific, I just drew her one time. However, the code displayed on Cappies mom prisoners outfit is the same as the example code for the prisoners outfit designs. Next to that, his mom also has thick eyebrows, something Captains girlfriend, Snow has as well.

Captain and Snow
Ive been dropping hints that Captain and Snow would end up together before they did. Like in the drawing where I drew some characters in a few years (here), Snow is wearing her hair in one part, meaning she would end up living in Enetan, the island Captain comes from (I did this mutliple times in other drawings).

Captains visits
Ive been mentioning in old descriptions that Captain has been visiting "the ladies" a lot, also drawn here. Later on, this outfit was used for the Kittys outfit

Ellanora's necklace
Ellanora got a necklace from Cabin as seen here. The stone used for the necklace is the same color / shape as the one Cabin himself was wearing when he was the prince, seen in many designs (Like here). In a different drawing, theyre both seen years later, Ellanora is wearing the necklace she got from Cabin (here)

Gerret and bunnies origin
Originally, Gerret was never intend to have a big love for bunnies. He was first seen with something related to bunnies here (full design here ) He was intended to have a big animal plush, and the plush was based off my own plush I still have (here she is !) My original plush was a girl, Gerrets plush however, is a dude bunny

Gerrets name issue
made a comment here that Gerret fired two guards because they kept misspelling his name. This is a reference to the fact that Gerrets name is often spelled wrong by people in the comments, mostly as Garret.

Tigers Eye design
In the double meme I mentioned I like drawing dudes, for this I drew a dude, who has the same hairstyle and color as a gem design I made, Tiger's eye

Prince Dandelyons royal potrait
Prince Dandelyon (aka Cabin) has a royal portrait seen here (this is the latest version, big change I will remake it someday, since there is already an older version of his potrait). This potrait hangs in a lot of homes in Gelea, to honor him. And also in Junes house, in right corner above here. It is the non-colored version though, since Gelea doesn't have photos and have to relay on pencil drawings. The prince potrait old version hangs in the corner in the following bar scene : seen here

Gerret and calligraphy
Gerrets penpal happens to be really good at calligraphy, and Gerret isnt. Seen here. Gerret is seen trying to learn it on some occasions, like here, where he tries different calligraphy letters on his piece of paper, and here where he is reading a book titled "Calligrahpy for dummies". In addition to that, he has the letter from the first link on his desk here.

Gerrets and long hair
Gerret mentions here that he likes women with long hair. This is a reference to the fact that his first crush, Savannah, had long hair as well.

Gerrets dad
Gerret is known to have 3 sisters and a nice mom. However, his dad already appeared in my gallary back in 2015, here (in the upper right corner).

Gerrets thing for elfs
Ive been putting a lot of hints to the fact that Gerret has a thing for elfs. This is never mentioned anywhere, only suggested, but June was right ; it is because he finds the ears cute (obvious reference to his love for bunnies, who often have pointed ears as well). The design for his future child has slightly pointed ears, suggesting he one day ends up marrying an elf. (however, his future child is not canon, he may end up with something else then an elf, it is only there to suggest and give hints to his thing for elfs)

Maybe someday Ill add more ~


Journal Entry: Mon Mar 13, 2017, 7:43 AM

First of all thanks to everyone who entered the Contest !!
Such lovely entries :D
I got a total of 55 entries

So you can imagine it was hard to choose, but I got it now !

Winners (yeah two winners)

Bay by MoodyMagpies
A younger (adopted) brother for Travin
designed by MoodyMagpies

looji character design CE by kerenitychan
A friend for Nadi and Karo
designed by kerenitychan

I wanted to see how it was like to draw them already, so i drew them both
Bay by Looji Girl by Looji
I always really wanted a cyclops character, so yay ! I really like their designs. The boy is named Bay (named by MoodyMagpies credit to them), the girl doesn't have a name yet.
I really like the idea for Travin to have a smart geeky brother. And for Nadi and Karo to have a third friend, I think the dynamic will be really cool !

You both win the following
- 1 bust drawing
- 2 headshots
- 1 bust or custom design
- 500 points

Once you send me a message (by either commenting or sending a note) Ill send the points over ! And please send the info for the other prizes in a note ~
Congrats !

- There were 13 different entries for for Gerret's potential love interest
- There were 7 different entries for Lillith (Junes wife)
- There were only 8 male design entries , all the others were female
- There were 23 character entries that had a crush on/ had a relationship with one of my characters (including the 20 for Lillith and Gerrets girlfriend)

You can do whatever you want with the character ! Theyre all yours ! But please ask first if you want to keep the relationship with one of my characters. However, I must say that there isn't a high change, since I don't see some of my characters having relationships to some of the entries (not that theyre not good designs of course ! All the designs were really cool :nod: (in my opinion))


Thanks for reading and I hope you have a nice day !

Skin coded by pastelsneakers

making subtitles is my new passion
Before I begin let me make this clear
This is an opinion of mine. You thinking differently is totaly understandable and does not make me think of you in any negative way.

But yeah this is about reposting art. Sometimes art is reposted on other sites. Im not talking about deviantart in this situation, because this is a platform where people share their own creations. But like tumblr or something, where people also share things they just like. When reposted, it is done in one of these ways ;
1 reposted with giving full credit to the artist
2 reposted and claiming to be the artist themselfs (when theyre not)
3 reposted with mentioning that the art isn't theirs but no link to the original artist

1 and 2 are obvious opinions, I think most people think the same way when it comes to those. 1 is great, 2 is stupid.
but im here to talk about 3. This is an unpopular opinion but
I dont mind people reposting my art on other sites without actually crediting me
As long as they don't claim it as their own, its fine.

I enjoy making art, thats the main reason I draw in the first place. When my art is somewhere on a different site, without a link to my art page, it wouldnt take away the joy I had. Of course I want some recognition for my art, I mean why else would I post it on the internet in the first place. But I already have a place for that ; its here. If my art can be enjoyed by more people, with or without my name on it, im fine.

This is of course for every artist different. Thats why it feels kinda weird to call this an opinion. But what I just want to say is ; If you ever see my art uploaded on a different site, but there is no credit given to me, but no one claims they drew it themselfs ; no need to message me about it.
I simply don't mind it.

Thanks for reading and hope you have a nice day !
In the contest im holding, where you need to design a character 
i mentioned you can also make a design for characters I mentioned in descriptions, but never drawn (aka without design) To make things a little easier, here is a list of all those characters 


June's wife , Lillith 
Prince Dan's loyal servant , Moira 

Prince Dan's spoke person, no name or gender
- Ellanora's aunt and Beas mother, no name 

Chee's former crush , no name 

Chee's two brothers, no names yet 
Kenny's old rebel gang, no names or genders
Junes 2 sisters and 2 brothers, April, May , August and Martin
Dane's two siblings, no names or genders
Lotta's sister , Samantha 

Travin's two younger brothers 

Nadi's sister, no name 

Idla's mother, Queen Sylvara 

click on the name for their personality sheets
Everything about the character who isn't designed yet is in their document. If its only a mention ; then there isn't more info
you can do whatever you please with the design and personality if you wish to enter in the contest

All character personality sheets…
Added Zerra and Bay ~

<click on the portraits for a full personality description >
All characters are put in catogories, for a quick overview
Please note that not all characters are present yet


the act like a big family, though theyre not blood related


all who work in the castle atm


live in Enetan atm, this does not mean they were born here


live in Twedon atm, this does not mean they were born here


live in Dreehn atm, this does not mean they were born here


live in Viferon atm, this does not mean they were born here



all them boys


all da girlz


family members are hold together with "[ ]"
[ ]   [ ]    
[ ]     [ ]
] [ ]


the x in between represents the couple
x    x     x


the ">" means the portrait in front has a crush on the one following
>       >        >       >      >


only one character per drawing

if you want a commission comment below, once I accept you can send me a note with the following info
- link to the character you'd like to be drawn. not a animal i need to humanize, I don't do those, sorry.
- their name / gender / personality (it doesn't have to thousand of words, but just so I wont draw a grumpy character with a smile, you know)
- any additional information (like you want them to be holding a flower etc.)

about payment
- if you want to pay with points please wait till I make a widget on my page . do not send it to me with the give option on my page please, this way I wont be able to tranfer it into cash
- i first will finish the commission, then you can pay. Once you paid I'll upload your commission !

want a commission ?
Please comment below if you want a slot (no info needed yet). Once I replied, please send the info in a note

2 bubba8608
3 Noctis-Cael
4 Nuna-Chii
5 Deterex525
I never really like tags, mostly because I get tagged a lot for the same thing (write 10 facts about yourself blabla)
but I got tagged by CtheChangeling for a fav character thing, never seen it before so why not :U

Name 10 different favourite characters from 10 different fandoms and tag 3-4 people;


1 > Donnatello (Teenage mutant ninja turtles classic / 2003)
TMNT is one, if not my favorite, cartoon. But I only like the classics and my favorite is 2003 version. I tried to watch the 2012 version, but I just couldn't. They changed Donnatello too much xD Changed everything too much. But I really like Donnatello in all the other versions ! And purple is also a big yes

2 > Beast (Beauty and the Beast)
I really liked the Disney classic movie, Beast was always a fun yet really cool character, being a beast and all. And when he turns human its also a big YAS (long blonde hair ;; call me). I dont know what to think about the human version Disney is doing now, it was already hard for me to accept that Belle is British now, all of the sudden. And now I also have to deal with the fact the Prince has these hair rolls around his head, and the long blonde locks are tied up. NAH

3 > Davos (Game of Thrones)
I think I like Davos the most, in GoT? But I must say that I will always love Gendry, Poddrick, Brienne and Grey Worm as well. I always tend to go for the old guy characters. Theyre just really cool. And so is Davos. And he kinda looks like an older version of my dad.

4 > Pit (kid Icarus)
I just really like him. He's my main in super smash bros brawl and wii U. I discovered him there, I didn't know who he was, because the original game was not around in my youth, but I saw a dude with wings so I though "cool". Later on I got the new game "Kid Icarus Uprising" but I'm very bad at it, so I am not making a lot of progress haha.

5 > Princess Rosalina (Mario Galaxy)
I really like mario characters in general. Theyre just so simple and colorfull and just yas. But I choose Rosalina because I like her whole story as well. Its pretty deep for how far Mario characters go. I honestly really like her as a child, I would love to see more of that.

6 > Peridot (Steven Universe)
I am not in the fandom. Im not in any fandom to be honest. The reason I don't make fanart of Steven Universe is litterly because of the fandom, and im serious. I drew Rose (I love her hair) with my drawing skills from a year or so back, back when I drew heads too big. So I got several comments on how I was an awful person because I drew her too thin. I have a thick skin, hard to offend me, but it just got annoying, so I deleted it. I do still watch it, its a fun show. I don't think its as great people say it is, some episodes are kinda boring and you can't deny Steven is somewhat of a Mary Sue. But the style is amazing and I love the colors and designs ! And Peridot is just really funny haha

7 > Sakuya (Hatofull boyfriend)
Best visual novel out there, in my opinion. And this stuck up bitch boy is amazing. I really like bitch boys in general so yas. His human design is cool, his pigeon form is GORGUES (look at dem feathers).

8 > Vinnie (Littlest pet Shop Hub version)
The show was great, it was brightly colored, smooth animation , and it was so aware of itself. I really thought it was funny, I can't help it haha. I liked all characters, but I guess Vinnie is my fav, its a dancing Gecko, what more can I say.

9 > Crow (Show by rock !!)
Im not really into anime, but I actually really liked this one. And Crow was hillarious. He only drinks milk, so I feel a great connection. And his design is bad ass. Maybe I will do some fanart someday :0 More fanart of any of the listed above for sure (except real live dudes and animals haha)

10 > Billy (Vicboys)



Things like this make me realisize how I dont watch a lot of shows/movies haha. It took me sometime to get 10 characters

Someone was busy with fanart in the stream from last saturday and shared WIPs, they uploaded it after I posted this journal , so I want to include it now (it feels wrong not to) and more fanart came ! Theyre so lovely ! We love it :nod:

[FANART] Vicboys: Coffee Shop AU by Katz-Drawing
More Vicboys doodles by bubba8608

Yesterday, the stream was so much fun ! We needed some chear up haha
and people were so nice to even make some vicboys fanart, and I wanted to share it so more people could see it, the artists need more love ~

FANART: Vicboys Princess!AU by XxSeroliousxX
Petrus coloured sketch by waldvogelzeichnen  Jaiden with a braid by Pew-v8yrcake

~ i hope you have a nice day
I normally dont write rant things, I simply thing most things should be kept to yourself
but this is something different. Dang this is something different.

For thos who don't know about steam direct, let me fill you in ;
If you want to put your game on Steam you have to do some things; You have to make a business account (costing money, a fair price of 100 dollar, I believe)
and it has to go in Steam greenlight. Here, people can vote if they would like to play the game, if it has enough votes it can go on Steam, and you can sell your game.
But Steam decided to change this in Steam direct, this spring. And this is a whole different thing.

With Steam direct , the following things happen
- you have to fill out a lot of paperwork
- you need to pay a fee what can be from 100 dollar to 5000 dollar
- someone from steam is going to look at your game and decide if it can be sold on Steam *

You have to fill out a lot of paperwork
No problem here

You need to pay a fee what can be from 100 dollar to 5000 dollar
Here is problem one. With someone else, I have a small indie studio for games. If the fee is going to be high, then we can't pay this. We don't have well enough paid jobs to pay a fee over 1000 dollar.

Someone from steam is going to look at your game and decide if it can be sold on steam *
Here is the real problem. If the fee mentioned before would be 100 dollar or heck even 500 dollar, we can just pay that. But when someone is going to look at our game, there is a big change it would be denied.
Someone from steam mentioned in a post that theyre going to look if the game is made on a free engine. The game we are working on is. They believe it games made on free engines are by default bad. Theyre never going to play the whole game, only the beginning, so they need to judge on something that doesn't have the whole experience. And not to mention the negativity our game genre gets. "Visual novels aren't real games". As someone who makes actual games I can tell you that is bullshit. Same goes for people who say Candy crush isn't a real game or something. If something has interaction and those actions can lead to winning or losing ; its a fokking game.

Because Steam has the mentallity of a 12 year old gamer that only think shooters from big companies are real games, our game will have a really low change of getting on steam.

Steam is a really easy way to sell your game, and Steam even makes money of people selling their games on there, no matter how bad it is. Publishing our game in any other way is going to be hard.
There are a lot of people really sad and angry because of Steam direct, it makes it so much harder for indie games to get on there.

Steam will make everything official next month or so, about Steam Direct, and things may change in the process. So this is a very nervous month for us. We worked very hard on our game (we still do) and our whole business plan is build on Steam Greenlight. We really hope Steam gives indie developers a better change and changes the rules for Steam Direct. A very good idea (what was mentioned on a forum post somehwere) is to make it mandatory to release a demo first of your game, if you want to filter out the bullshit games so badly.

~thans for reading and I hope you have a nice day
thanks if you were interested, sorry that i cant accept them all !!


My to do list is almost done ! And even do that will come first, I really wanted to do some art trades as well right now

I would really like some art of some of my male characters
(I don't have money / points right now to spare for commissions haha)

so anyone up for an art trade ?

I can't accept every offer sorry !

thank you so much if you are interested in an art trade :0
I can offer any art style in my gallary ~

I feel like I don't have to add this anymore , I'm honestly getting kind of sick of it, especially since I've been saying I this for a year now plus in every description of pony art , but
or any other animal for that matter
I wont post any "actual" art until 6th of februari

I will somtimes doodle on my ipad, but I dont have any place  to work with my drawing tablet and my laptop until februari 6th, so its then when I will start again on commissions and contest prizes !

Only proper art will be uploaded on the first of februari, for the reveal of the last boy for the datingsim im working on , Vicboys

A lot of doodles won't be posted, because now that I can finally function better I need to do several things for school. And school goes first immaright

thanks for reading and I hope you have a nice day !
Sakubaka is a small game development team (me and a friend of min actually) , and we're making a datingsim at the moment !
(development blog : )
I uploaded several art for it already , datingsim Vicboys

We first didn't plan on doing so, but multiple people we're wondering if we had a Patreon
A Patreon is a site where you can donate money every month and in exchange you'll get rewards (depending on how much you donate)

We already have a few rewards in mind , like more concept sketches, early announcements, psd files, and tutorials
but do any of you have more ideas you'd like to see ? We love to hear them !

thanks for reading ! And I hope you have a nice day